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11 things you never knew about lilies...

Posted on 16 May 2017

Orange lily - things you never knew

Lilies are a flower that are a favourite for many. Their unusual 'trumpet' shape and their range of colours and patterns make for an interesting and versatile flower. 

Here are 11 weird and wonderful facts that may surprise you about lilies:

1. If you were born in the month of May, then 'Lily of the Valley' is your birth flower

2. North American tribes used to use lilies medicinally to treat snake bites, wounds and swelling. But they are still used within modern medicine.

3.The earliest evidence of lilies was a painting of the flower found near Crete dated at around 1580 B.C.

4. Lilies are highly toxic to cats. 😿

5. A lily's vase life can be extended by removing the pollen, as the pollen could otherwise eat away at the petals.

6. Many breeds of lily have no scent at all.

7. Lilies are the 30th wedding anniversary flower.

8. Throughout Asia, lily bulbs are regularly used in cooking.

9. Lilies represent innocence, and are often used to represent new relationships and births.

10. The Victorians adored lilies! They would often photograph children posing with them, and wear them in their hair.

11. We sell lilies in our bouquets! Deliver them to your loved one today. You can find yellow lilies in Sunrise, pink lilies in Marvellous and white lilies in Elegance.

yellow lily - things you never knewpink lily - things you never knewwhite lily - things you never knew

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