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Pick your flowers and your delivery date

Posted on 08 June 2017

The Postabloom website has had a make-over, ready for Summer!

We have now installed the option to choose your preferred delivery date for your bouquet. This way, you can be assured that your flowers will arrive on the day you need them to - whether it's in a couple of days' time, or in a couple of months' time!

letter box flower delivery date

Letterbox Flowers
Our letterbox-friendly flowers are 95% likely to arrive on your nominated delivery date. With a small chance that they could be delivered on the second or third working day, as they are send through the post via Royal Mail.

delivery date for letterbox flowers

Hand-Tied Bouquets
If you need a guaranteed delivery date for your flowers, be sure to order a Hand-Tied bouquet because these are sent via tracked courier. (Perfect for your wedding anniversary that you can't be seen to forget!)  

Send flowers quickly and easily with Postabloom!

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