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5 florally tips for arranging your Letterbox Bouquet

Posted on 12 December 2016

After a long day at work, you come home to find a beautiful Postabloom Letterbox Bouquet inside your front door! One of your friends clearly has fantastic taste in flowers. You open the box to find each bud is carefully wrapped and protected after its First Class Royal Mail journey. It's time to get them a drink and arrange them in a vase – here are some tips:

  1. Cut the stems diagonally
    A simple, yet powerful tip to ensure your flowers last the longest they can. Why? By cutting on a diagonal with a sharp and sterile pair of scissors (or stem-cutter) means the stem has a greater surface area to absorb water. Cut flowers get thirsty, so getting them hydrated as quickly as possible is important. Make sure you cut each stem to the same height as the next.

  2. Flower food
    Flower food may look like water in a packet. In fact, flower food tends to contain three things: a type of sugar, a type of acid, and bleach. The sugar is for nutrients, acid levels the Ph levels of the water, and bleach keeps the fungi and bacteria to a minimum.

  3. Marvellous postabloomOrganise the flowers
    Find a vase that is small enough to keep the stems together, but large enough to give them some breathing room. Frame the bouquet with the smaller flowers around the bottom, with the large flowers toward the middle and the top. Use foliage and/or leafier stems to support the smaller flowers. Be sure to put the stems in one or a few at a time, starting with the larger flowers. (Don’t put the smaller ones in first to prevent them from being squished.)
  1. Keep out of direct sunlight
    The faster the flowers open, the shorter life span they will have. So unless you are willing them to bloom quickly, keep them away from direct sunlight or heat sources such as radiators, fire places and stoves.

  2. Keep the water clean
    Change the water often, particularly if you notice the water is becoming yellowy or cloudy, as this hints at bacterial growth. Adding a bit more flower food beyond day one will help keep the water clean too.

Following these tips will helps keep your flowers stay beautiful for longer. 🌺 
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