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Letterbox Flowers: How it works

Posted on 08 August 2017

Letterbox flowers

Letterbox Flowers are a relatively new, unique and very convenient way of delivering flowers, as they are simply posted and delivered via Royal Mail. They're a no-hassle, low-cost and easy way to ensure your flowers get where they need to be. 

Letterbox Flowers at a glance:

  • No one needs to be home to accept them 
  • Delivered via the Royal Mail postman/postwoman through the letterbox
  • Low-cost
  • Well-packaged
  • Your recipient can arrange them exactly how they'd like 

How does it work?
Pick them, post them, arrange them.
A full bouquet of flowers (usually 12-18 stems depending on which bouquet you choose) is packaged in a slim and sturdy box. It is then sent in the post and delivered through the recipient's letterbox by their regular Royal Mail postal carrier. 

How Letterbox Flowers work

Why choose Letterbox Flowers?
Letterbox Flowers can be a more convenient way of sending flowers because unlike couriered Hand-Tied bouquets the recipient needn't be home to accept them, as they are simply posted through their letterbox with the rest of their mail.

Do flowers survive well in the post?
Yes! We tend to send our flowers in bud so that they will last longer and your recipient can watch them bloom!

We also take great care in picking the types of flowers that travel well and can survive longer journeys without water. During the warmer months, we ensure our roses are sent with water phials to help these thirstier flowers thrive.

Each flower is protected with netting and well-packaged in a streamline box with breathing holes to ensure the flowers arrive in tip-top condition. 

How long does it take for Letterbox Flowers to be delivered?
As they are sent via Royal Mail 24, they should arrive within one working day from dispatch. However, they can sometimes take two working days.

We can't guarantee a specific delivery date because of the nature of the postal delivery system, although they are 95% likely to arrive of the chosen date.

Top tip: If you do need them to arrive on a specific day, you can always upgrade your Letterbox Flowers to courier via the Postabloom App for a guaranteed delivery date. 


Send Letterbox Flowers via our app or our website today!

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