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Most popular flowers for Mother’s Day

Posted on 14 February 2018

Mother's Day is approaching! But with so many to choose from, what flowers will make the day extra special for your mum?

Carnations are known as the official Mother's Day flower. 
Pink carnations to represent love and gratitude, while red carnations represent admiration. White carnations are generally given in remembrance of a mother who is no longer living.
Because of their official status, carnations are the most popular Mother's Day flowers. They are longer-lasting flowers that come in many different colours, including deep red burgundy, featured in our celebratory Sangria bouquet.
Sangria bouquet for mother's daySangria bouquet - red carnations for Mother's Day
While carnations are the most traditional flowers on Mother's Day, they are by no means the only popular Mother’s Day flowers. In the UK, lilies, roses and tulips are considered by many as the best flowers to send on the day. These flowers are certainly growing in popularity and symbolise modern motherhood throughout Britain.
Lilies are a historical symbol for motherhood. With its full and proud petals, lilies are a particularly stunning choice for Mother's Day. Paradise is a lily-laden bouquet of bold, pink lilies to brighten up your mum's day.
Paradise - red roses and pink lilies - bouquet for Mother's DayLilies for mother's day

Roses are a classic and luxurious flowers that is by no means reserved for Valentine's Day. Roses are certainly a popular Mother's Day choice throughout England. Above & Beyond, with its soft pink roses, evokes the caring appreciation of Mother's Day.
Pink roses and wild flowers for Mother's DaySoft pink roses for mother's day
Tulips (a personal favourite of mine) are an elegant, yet stoic flower that come in such a wide variety of colours that you can really get creative with the bouquet. Our Vintage Dream is our tulip-decorated bouquet. Inspired by cooler seasons, the deep red tulips against the vintage roses is an alternative to the more feminine pastel-coloured bouquets.
Vintage roses and red tulips for a wintery Mother's Day bouquetRed tulips for mother's day

Pink is not the only acceptable colour of bouquet either. Nowadays, vibrant, bold and colourful flowers are trending. The Carnival bouquet is our most colourful bouquet, swarming with pinks, greens, yellows and oranges. Loud bouquets are eye-catching and proud, which I think is a wonderful way to express a lot of love!
Carnival - colourful bouquet with pink, green and yellow flowers for Mother's DayColourful mix bouquet for mother's day with Postabloom

Whatever flowers you choose, I'm sure your mum will adore them!
Check out our Mother's Day 2018 range here.

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  • Gary Bottomley: February 27, 2018

    Happy Mother’s Day Mum
    Hope you have a wonderful day
    We love you so much even though we don’t say it enough forgive us for we are not worthy

    Lots & Lots of LOVE & Kisses
    Gary xxxxxxx

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