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No rain, no flowers: Uplifting things about rainfall

Posted on 11 July 2017

No rain, no flowers

It may be raining across much of the United Kingdom - including here in Dorset - but try not to feel down about this muggy weather. Here are some things to lift your spirits about the damp, and to explain why the rain is 100% our type on paper...

- ☔️ No showers, no flowers.  In a few days, wild flowers will be blooming across the countryside after all of these sporadic rain showers!

- 🚗 Free car wash. The perfect excuse to avoid washing the car.

- 👢 Wellie boots! Get your wellington boots (or gum boots as they say down under) out - every loud colour and pattern - and make good use of them.

- 😴 No-guilt Sunday lazy days. At least if it's chucking it down outside, you can lounge about in your over-sized jim-jams and over-worn fluffy slippers guilt-free.

- 🌈 Rainbows! Of course, the sun is needed too, but no rain means no rainbows.

- 🎶 Melancholy songs. Ideal weather to match the mood of most of Coldplay's earlier stuff. #ParachutesAlbum

Make like a flower and embrace the H2O!

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