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Our Favourite Christmas Plants

Posted on 12 December 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We love getting in the Christmas spirit here at Postabloom and there’s nothing we love more than making it really easy to send flowers online to anyone you know in the country, even at Christmas! Whether you pick up some traditional flowers to brighten up your house this festive season, our collection of houseplants or send one of our Christmas bouquets to a loved one this season, here’s our list of our florists' favourites to really get you in the festive spirit!




A festive classic, poinsettias make perfect houseplants during the festive season. Named after the Ambassador to Mexico who brought them to the United States, Joel Poinsett, the Christmas story surrounding them comes from a Mexican myth about how a bouquet of weeds bloomed into these beautiful red flowers after being presented as a gift to Jesus at a Christmas Eve service. These floral beauties were brought over to the United States in 1825, and have since become a symbol of Christmas the world over. While red is traditional, they also come in white and a more rare pink, perfect for people who want a Christmassy feel with a modern twist. You can find our pink poinsettias here. Just order it by the 19th to have it in time for the big day!


Holly & Ivy



These plants often are seen together at Christmas. Both evergreen plants, garlands of these often appear everywhere to really bring in that Christmassy feel. Holly is thought to symbolise the thorns Jesus wore at his crucifixion and the name in many Scandinavian countries of “Christ’s Thorn” resembles this. However, the Christmas connotation of holly and ivy comes from the pagan festival of Beltane, where both were burnt together as a celebration of the upcoming year. Despite Beltane being celebrated in May, the pagan origins of these plants make them a firm favourite during the Christmas Season. Mostly known for their abundance in British gardens and climbing up house walls, a few sprigs of these can add a festive feel to anything. Why not add a few from your garden into one of our Letterbox flowers for a floral arrangement that really says “Merry Christmas”?


This parasitic plant that attaches itself to other trees is a Christmas staple and has many people every year hoping for a kiss under its sprigs. The origins lie in Norse Mythology, in which the God of Light, Balder was killed by an arrow made from the plant. His mother, Frigg wept, creating the white berries on the plant that then restored Balder to life. While unhappier versions of this story exist; the ones we know today say that Frigg blessed anyone who stood under a sprig of mistletoe with a kiss. There are many ways to bring the romance this Christmas. At PostaBloom, we have plenty of flowers to send by post to your love, including the classic roses in two different sizes! It’s an easy way to secure that kiss under the mistletoe!




These tropical beauties are excellent houseplants! They continue to bring a pop of colour to beat out those winter blues while also being totally seasonal appropriate. Nobody really knows why they feel so festive, but it might be that classic combination of red and green that really puts us in the Christmas mood! Do you know a houseplant fiend? Give them another leafy friend this year by ordering your anthuriums and other houseplants online through us! It’s an easy way to send a thoughtful gift to all the Plant Mums in your life! Shop our collection of plants here! 

Our Christmas Bouquets


Our Merry & Bright Letter Box and A Close Up of our White Christmas Letterbox Flowers


If you’re still searching for the perfect Christmas gift, have you considered one of our luxury Christmas Bouquets? Our bouquets are perfect gifts for the festive season with a collection of Christmas themed bouquets in quintessential festive colours. We also offer letterbox flowers which means your loved one can receive their flowers even when they aren’t in, straight through their letterbox. It’s like we’re the Father Christmas of flowers, except, of course our flowers don’t go down the chimney.

We offer next day delivery across the UK so no matter where you are, your family and friends can receive a beautiful Christmas inspired bouquet this holiday season. Whatever flowers you choose for your loved ones or whatever you do this year, have a very Merry Christmas from us at PostaBloom!

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