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Top five rules for flower arranging

Posted on 03 May 2017

For flower arranging amateurs and flower-lovers, here are some top tips to take into consideration when arranging your Letterbox Flowers, or when creating your own bouquet...

Tips for flower arranging roses

The size of the flowers and the length of their stems should all be similar to save small flowers from getting lost, and tall flowers over-powering the bouquet. 

Balancing the flowers so that they look even is important in order to avoid the feeling of unease. Heights should be even - the stems should be one and a half times the height of the container. They should be evenly spaced too.

Take into consideration the bouquet's container or vase to add to the rustic garden-look of daisies, or the elegance of pure white roses. Be sure to match the colours and textures of the rest of the flowers too. 

Create 'levels' within your bouquet to make some flower heads slightly higher than others. This creates a more interesting and harmonious bouquet that has shape.

Take into consideration the bouquet's surrounding when deciding on the colours. Flowers are put on display like an ornament, so make sure they compliment the room they're in.

How to arrange flowers

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