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Mother's Day: How to bake for Mum without an oven

Posted on 14 March 2017

If you're like me who loves to bake but are not blessed with owning an oven, then fret not! Your mum will not go without baked goods on Mother's Day. Here are some great ways to bake cakes to go with your flowers.

  • Slow cooker
    banana chocolate cake made in slow cooker for mother's dayBelieve it or not, slow cookers are great for making moist and yummy cakes! They essentially just steam them. It may take an hour or two for your cake to rise, but at least you can't burn them!
    My favourite recipe is chocolate and banana marble cake (see right). But be aware that it's very easy to create a cake that's as heavy as a brick! So make sure you don't lift the lid too often, and be sure to sieve everything. Air is your friend when it comes to slow cookers.

  • Cheesecake recipe
    Don't need to cook anything with this recipe! I love Lemon and Lime or Raspberry and White Chocolate cheesecakes, but you can really do any flavour you wish without an oven or microwave. You only need to briefly use the hob to combine the crushed Digestive biscuits and melted butter for the base.
    Top tip: Use dark chocolate covered Digestive biscuits for a taste sensation!

  • Hidden microwave settings
    I have a microwave oven, but I didn't realise this for a very long time! Have a look at your microwave and take note of the buttons you've previously ignored. You may discover a grill or convection setting which you can use for baking. (Best to google your microwave's model before experimenting with this though!)

  • Mug cakes
    blueberry muffins mug cake mother's dayEasy peasy! Perfect for Sunday morning blueberry muffin, or an after dinner double chocolate cake. Same ingredients as a regular cake, but on a much smaller scale. Mix it together in a large mug and chuck it in the microwave for two minutes. It's easy to get creative with the flavours of mug cakes, and never a huge waste of time or ingredients if it goes wrong.

No oven is no excuse, baking is the perfect gift to go with a Postabloom bouquet!


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