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Picking the right rose for your Valentine

Posted on 08 February 2017

rose postabloomRed and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue... Roses come in every colour of the rainbow, and within each colour comes a variety of different shades.


Red roses, for example, aren't simply called 'red roses' as there are many different varieties. They could be 'Blood Red', 'Upper Class', 'Grand Prix', 'Forever Young'... The list goes on!


But picking the perfect rose for your Valentine or loved one shouldn't be overwhelming. So here are a few tips to keep you on track when expressing your love with beautiful roses:


  • Red roses symbolises lust, love and passion.
  • Pink roses are a perfect alternative to red roses, as they symbolise happiness and admiration. 
  • Yellow roses signify friendship and joy. (But personally, I adore yellow flowers and would gladly accept them from my Valentine!)
enchanted postabloom
  • Mixing colours enables you to say exactly what you want. For example, mixing pink and red roses would create an expression of passion and love, as well as sweetness, admiration, adoration and happiness.
  • Blue flowers represent serenity and the strive for infinite love. Mixing blue with other colours creates an enchanting bouquet
    - Be careful with mixing colours, though. There are certain superstitions that surround some colours. For example, red and white flowers together are said to represent death - blood and bandages. Therefore, these bouquets can be unwelcome at hospitals. 
  • Black roses do not exist. The seemingly black roses you may come across are actually dark red or dark purple roses.

    The amount of roses you gift have meanings within themselves:

    • A single rose
      = Love at first sight, 'you're the one.'
    • 12 roses
      = The number 12 represents the complete cycle, such as 12 months of the year and 12 hours on the clock. A dozen roses says, 'I'll love you for all time.'
    • 24 roses 
      = The most obvious representation is 24 hours in a day. 'A rose for every hour of the day that I'll be thinking of you.' Apparently, the number 24 is also supposed to conjure thoughts of 24 carat gold rings, relating to engagement and wedding rings... In any case, 24 red roses is a bold expression of love - it would certainly make an impression on the recipient!Ultimate Love - 50 roses postabloom
    • 50 roses 
      = Love that knows no bounds! A total abundance of ultimate love, represented by 50 beautiful flowers.
    Top tip: Work backwards - think about what you want to portray to your Valentine, then pick your colour and quantity of roses accordingly.


    But rest assured, no matter what you gift your Valentine this year, it will be perfect. With flowers, you can't go wrong! 🌹 💛

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